Shirdi, a small village, is located at a distance of 100 km from Nashik (Nasik) in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. The village is one of the revered pilgrimage centers in India. The village was the abode of the great saint of the 20th century, Sai Baba. For more than 50 years the saint lived in the village. He had made this small town be recognized as the popular pilgrimage site for devotees. Moreover, the village experiences huge footfall throughout the year and from all parts of the globe. The entire region of the village is in one or the other way associated with the saint. In 1918, when the said left for heavenly abode, his Samadhi in Shirdi is visited by tourists even today.

Gurusthan is the place that is popular as the saint came to the village as a Bal Yogi. A small shrine and a temple are also featured in the region. The streets also feature shops that sell Sai Baba record of his life. Reaching this holy destination is easy for any visitors. Thus, proper road connectivity is also available to reach the Shirdi Village.