Echoing the penchant of the erstwhile Maharajas, all the 12 guest accommodation coaches of Deccan Odyssey is outfitted with cozy furniture and personalized guest amenities. Complemented by the very best of personal services, travelling on the private cabins of this deluxe rail is a unique rail tour experience in India. When you travel in these elegant class cabins of the train, you can feel that the inside décor reflects several moods to suit the outside views of the landscape.

All the cabins are spacious enough where guests can roam freely. The decoration of each coach reflects a particular era of the Deccan milieu and is creatively outfitted with facilities like personal safe, telephone, attached bathroom, air-conditioning and a personal attendant on the round the clock service of the guests.


Passenger Cars (4 Coupes per Coach) (10)

Presidential Suite Cars (2 Coupes per Coach) (02)

Conference Car with Business Centre (01)

Restaurant Cars (02)

Staff, spare car (02)

Spa Car (01)

Bar Car (01)

Generator Cars with Luggage Store (02)

Total Coaches– 21 – It can accommodate 88 guests at a time

Presidental Suite Dimensions

  • Cabin area: 191 sq ft (18sqm)
  • Cabin length: 27′ 7″ (8.4m)
  • Cabin width: 7′ 7″ (2.3m)
  • Bed width single: 3′ (0.9m)
  • Double: 5′ (1.5m)
  • Bed Length: 6′ 5″ (2m)
  • Cabins per car: 2

Deluxe Cabin Dimensions

  • Cabin area: 95 sq ft (9sqm)
  • Cabin length: 13′ (3.97m)
  • Cabin width: 7′ 7″ (2.3m)
  • Bed width twin: 3′ (0.9m)
  • Bed Length: 6′ 5″ (2m)
  • Cabins per car: 4