Sasan Gir is popularly known as the Gir National Park, which is located in the Indian State of Gujarat. In 1965, the wildlife sanctuary first came into fame. Gir National Park is the only place where wildlife enthusiasts can spot pure bred Asiatic Lions. Additionally, the rich flora and fauna have also added to the popularity of the national park. The dense forest also makes it a fascinating experience for the visitors. Before the preservation steps introduced by the Nawab of Junagadh, the population of Asiatic Lions in Sassan Gir went almost into extinction.

The national park features various water holes, which facilitated the animals in the park to quench their thirst. In the park, there are about 2375 different species of fauna, which includes mammals, reptiles, birds and insects. The list of mammals in the park includes lions, chinkaras, leopards, antelopes, hyenas, sloth bears, jungle cats and many more. Moreover, the national park is also a paradise for bird lovers as there are many species of birds including black headed orioles, crested eagles, bush quails and many others.