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"Pattadakal" World Heritage Sites

Situated in Bagalkot District (Karnataka), Pattadakkal is acknowledged for housing various UNESCO World Heritage Sites for unsurpassable architecture. The town is also located in close proximity to Aihole (10 km) and Badami (22 km), which are known for their architectural brilliance. Pattadakkal is worth visiting as there are numero9us structures that are best known for their ancient architecture.

The town also hosts a few temples that date back to the 8th century. These temples represent the perfect mix of popular architectural styles of those times. The fusion of the Dravidian style and the Nagara style make these temples praiseworthy for their uniqueness. Since, 1987, the temples have also acquired the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the town there are 10 temples in total, out of which 4 were built following the Dravidian style, the other 4 in Nagara style, and the remaining two temples were constructed fusing both the styles. Moreover, the town is the perfect destination to witness the blend of two different architectural styles.

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