Travel back in time and witness India’s rich history, vibrant culture, marvelous architecture, and folk art with one of India’s luxury trains, Deccan Odyssey. Home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Patan is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Gujarat. It has been the capital of Gujarat for 650 years during the medieval period and therefore, is a place of historical importance. Patan holds several Hindu and Jain temples and mosques, which boasts remarkable architectural styles of their time. So, get on a journey to Patan to witness the legendary monuments of India and shop for renowned locally made Patola sarees and Mashru fabrics.

The best spiritual attraction in Patan is Rani-ki-vav that carries the city’s legacy. Also called the Queen’s Stepwell is one of the several UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Gujarat. It is situated on the banks of the sacred Saraswati river and lures tourists towards its fine architecture. This temple was built by Rani Udayamati in memory of her husband Bhima I of the Chalukya or Solanki dynasty (950-1300 CE).

Tourists can witness the Maru-Gurjara style of architecture and UNESCO describe Rani-ki-vav as the “height of craftsmen’s ability in stepwell construction”. It is an inverted temple and is divided into seven levels; interconnected with stairs with sculpted panels of out of this word artistic excellence. Out of all the seven levels, the fourth level is the deepest one, which further leads into a rectangular tank.

A total of 500 principle sculptures and more than a thousand minor ones can be seen here depicting religious, mythological, and secular imagery. Most of the sculptures are dedicated to Lord Vishnu, in various avatars (forms) of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Narasimha, and Lord Vaman.

Not only this, this stepwell is said to have been buried underground as a result of a severe flood in the Saraswati river. After decades of painstaking restoration, Rani-ki-vav was resurrected by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

More spiritual sites in Patan include Shri Parsvnath Temple, Rudra Mahalay, Jain Temples, Ambaji, and Varana Temple.
To explore heritage attractions, tourists can visit Sahastraling Talav, Vadnagar, and Bindu Sarovar. Nature lovers can head to Wild Ass Sanctuary.

So, if travel genres of history and spirituality interest you, do visit Patan in Gujarat once in your lifetime.