Situated in the bank of the river Panchaganga, a host of mythological stories have been woven around the city of Kolhapur. According to one legend, the city was built by a demon who was later slain down by Goddess Mahalaxmi to save the inhabitants of the city. Housing the Maharashtra film industry, the city of Kolhapur is credited as the place where the first feature film in India, Raja Harishchandra was conceptualized.

The Kolhapuri footwear, jewels and tobacco are exported all around the world and from these the government generates a large portion of revenue of the state. The city is also a buzzing pilgrim hub where thousands of believers make their sacred tour to the Mahalaxmi Temple of the city. Gifted with incredible archeological and cultural heritage, the city of Kolhapur is certainly a precious jewel in the crown of India.