Aihole is popularly dubbed as ‘Cradle of Indian Architecture’, due to numerous temples dotted throughout the village. For visitors, wanting to explore the rich heritage and architectural brilliance, should visit Aihole. The village beautifully holds the charm of yesteryears. Among the temples, there are a few that date back to the 5th and 6th century.

In this temple town, the temples are split into various groups. The historians gave categorized these 125 temples in 22 groups, out of which Galaganatha and Kontigudi are popular.

Thus, the temple attracts tourists who have major interest in history and architecture. The temple village also showcases the sine specimen of Chalukyan architecture in India. Some of the must visit temples in the village are The Lad Khan Temple, Durga Fort Temple, Hutchimalli Temple, Buddhist Temple, Jain Meguthi Temple, Huchappayyagudi Temple, and Ravalphadi Temple. Moreover, with rich architectural structures, the village has the potential to get included amongst the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.