In Karnataka, Badami is the beautiful place to visit and absorb the cultural richness of the town. The town is also popular for being the throne of Early Chalukyan art. Being located at a distance of 500 km from Bangalore, Badami also makes a great getaway.

Thus, for visitors, wanting to explore the old-world charm of Karnataka, Badami is the town to visit. Formerly known as Vatapi, Badami is also popular for its cave temple, which is devoted to Lord Vishnu and is also recognized as the largest in India. There also is a reservoir in the front of the cave temples, which includes temples devoted to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. The lake below the cave temples also gets its name from the Bhutanath Temples of Badami.

The visitors should not worry about the accommodation as there are various hotels, ranging from luxury to budget, are available in and around Badami. Moreover, to complement your tour in Badami, do not miss to visit attractions such as Cave Temples, Nataraja Temple, Jain Temple, Vishnu Temple and Archaeological Museum.