Modhera, famous for the Sun Temple, is located in Indian state of Gujarat. The temple was constructed during the 11th century Solanki Dynasty, under the reign of King Bhimdev. Devoted to the Sun God ‘Surya’, the temple is praised for its singular and unique architectural style, which is very much similar to that of the Sun Temple, located in Konark. There are three major elements of temple complex, which includes Surya Kund, Guda Mandap, and Sabha Mandap. Intricate carvings make this temple a delight for architecture buffs. The temple structure is still in good condition as it has stood the test of time.

Every year, in the month of January, a dance festival is organized in the temple. The festival features different forms of classical dance. The temple is also a worth a visit due to many sculptures of Gods and Goddesses. Moreover, the architecture is the major attribute that makes it a gem for history and architecture lovers.