Holding the architectural splendor of yesteryears, Bijapur is widely popular as the ‘Agra of South India’. Serving as the capital for the Adil Shahi Rulers (1489-1686), the city has played a significant part in the rich and eventful history of Karnataka. A visit to the city is a must to explore the wonderfully preserved dignity and royal grandeur. There are various structures in the city that date back to the 15th Century -17th Century.

The city has also been popular for its noticeable contribution to the art & architecture in India. Moreover, the propagation of Islam in Karnataka has also brought the city into limelight. Gol Gumbaz, regarded as the world’s second largest dome, is a must visit. In addition to this, there are various mosques, mausoleums, fortifications and palaces that are advised to be visited during sightseeing tour in Bijapur. There also are attractions such as Ibrahim Rauza, Jumma Masjid, and Malik-e-Maidan that are counted amounts the finest illustrations of Islamic style of architecture, not found anywhere in the world.