Just 105 kilometers away from the Indian city of Aurangabad, Ajanta Caves are the most fascinating and mysterious ancient monuments and the bystanders of India’s thousands of years old history. There are a total of 30 caves in Ajanta, out of which 5 are Chaitya Grihas (Buddhist or Jain Shrine with a Stupa), and the rests are monasteries. Built in the earlier part of the 2nd century BC-AD, the caves of Ajanta had been lost in the darkness of time. However, later in the year 1819 AD, these caves were discovered, which is considered to be one of the greatest archeological discoveries of the world.

Inside these caves, the romances of the ancient period seem to come alive by means of rock-cut paintings. Most of the rock cuttings depict Prince Gautama Buddha’s life and his previous incarnations. Hidden amid a lonely glen with a streamlet flowing down below, the caves of Ajanta conjure up the vision of every visitor with its unparallel beauty and mysticism.