Deccan Odyssey Added 10 New Journeys to its Guests

Deccan Odyssey Introduces 10 New Journeys

Deccan Odyssey, one of the famous luxury tourist trains, has recently introduced 10 new journeys to its guests. MTDC (Maharashtra Tourism and Development Corporation) have re-launched Deccan Odyssey with 10 tastefully crafted tour itineraries, which include 2 short trips to Shirdi. The 10 meticulously designed itineraries include Golden Treasure, SoulQuest, Maharashtra Wild Trail, Hidden Treasures of Gujarat, Maharashtra Splendor, Jewels of the Deccan, Indian Sojourn, Spiritual Sahyadri, Indian Odyssey and Indian Soiree.


Deccan Odyssey Added 10 New Journeys to its Guests

These Deccan Odyssey journeys will cover some popular tourist destinations and attractions which include UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Ajanta & Ellora, vineyard of Nashik, palatial residences of Kolhapur, sun-drenched beaches, tranquil backwaters, holy abode of Sai Baba and tigers prowling in their own territory.

One of the most popular luxury tourist trains in India, Deccan Odyssey offers 8 week long and 2 shorter journeys across various destinations in Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Gujarat. The train journeys cover the best of heritage, culture and natural treasures of Maharashtra. The interiors of this luxury tourist train offer a seamless blend of traditional and modernity. While the décor reflects the architectural grandeur of the Deccan region, the cabins are equipped with a range of modern amenities such as LCD television, individual climate control, Spa Saloon, dining cars, bar & lounges, Wi-Fi internet and conference room.

The details of tariff, schedules and other train specifications are available on the site of Deccan Odyssey Train.

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