Deccan Odyssey – The Luxury Train Revealing The Grandeur Of Princely Indian States

The Deccan Odyssey luxury train travel makes its guests travel through time and experience the perfect mix of the bygone era to the present. The train is also praised in India and abroad for its cultural excursions, architectural wonders, cultural and historical heritage of India, and much more. The irresistible alluring features of the luxury train have attracted tourists from all across the globe to visit and explore India in the much similar way to that of the erstwhile Maratha rulers in India.
deccan odyssey train

This is one of the major luxury trains operating in India to provide the glimpse and firsthand experience of the Maratha Rulers. The cabins are well-appointed and decorated with all graceful items that recreate the erstwhile royalty. The great Indian hospitality is also one of the major attribute that makes the guests feel welcomed and appreciated. The element of royalty is present throughout the journey starting from Mumbai and also ending in Mumbai after covering the below mentioned destinations:

  • Sindhudurg
  •  Goa
  • Goa/Vasco
  • Kolhapur
  • Daulatabad
  • Ajanta Caves & Nashik


Deccan Odyssey Cabins

There are 21 coaches in total and only 11 coaches are available for the accommodation for the guests. Every coach is designed with certain elements that reflect the era of the erstwhile dynasties in India. The coaches are also equipped with modern facilities and exceptional services to ensure a comfortable and luxurious travel experience to the guests onboard. A personal attendant is also available to make sure the guests do not face any inconvenience. To pamper the guests, here are some of the attributes of the accommodation facility provided by the Deccan Odyssey:

  • 11 Air Conditioned Deluxe Cabins
  • Theme Decorated Cabins
  • 4 Twin-Bedded Cabins
  • CD/MP3 Player
  • Attached Bathrooms
  • Services For Disabled Guests


Deccan Odyssey Dining Car

For dining onboard, there are two restaurants available. Deccan Odyssey is praised for providing sumptuous food to the guests. Cuisines onboard are prepared by professional chefs and the serving is done by skilled staff. The guests are also amazed witnessing the great Indian hospitality. The menu includes delicious European and Indian cuisines that are prepared freshly by the catering staff of the award-winning Taj Hotels and Palaces. The two dining restaurants onboard are as mentioned below:

  • Peshwa I
  • Peshwa II

Onboard bar, ‘Mumbai Hi’ is also available for the guests. The bar is equipped with a host of wines, spirits, and several non alcoholic beverages to meet the preferences of the guests.

The train is also praiseworthy for its onboard Deccan Odyssey facilities and services. Some of them are as listed below:

  • Sitting Lounge: There are separate smoking suites available on-board for the guests. Guests could relax here and spend time in reading newspapers and magazines. There also is a shopping cabin available on board from where the guests could buy authentic artifacts and souvenirs.
  • Conference Car: The luxury train also gas conference car for the business travelers. This section is equipped with all modern day facilities that are required to ensure proper care of the corporate endeavors.
  • Health Spa: There also is health spa to pamper guests and help the guests to take care of their health. Guests could indulge in Ayurvedic body massages and Ayurvedic therapies to relax and rejuvenate their mind, body and soul.

Contributed by: Neelam Talreja

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